My new hobbie?

Well my new life continues and is so much fun I am sorry I did not do this sooner.  So what is it you are asking?  Well I now belong to the motorcycling community.  So for my first bike I purchase a Triumph Daytona 675!  My new favorite website is the Triumph 675 net website, I am catching “modding” fever, carbon fiber this, frame slider that, tail tidy’s, integrated turn signal/brake light’s.  Oh my god the bank account is empyting quick!  But the people on there are the nicest people ever!  So I personally bought mine in the “Scorched Yellow” color.  Also a little plug for my motorcycle helmet from Scorpion Sports, I have no reference as I have never owned a helmet before, but the quality is good, and the price is nice too.  I purchase the EXO-700, but the newer EXO-1000 is out so I may have to pony up the $$ to get it.

So here is a photo of my ride, no mods on it yet. But I will post soon the upcoming mods.

Triumph Daytona 675 - Small

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